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Nana Update

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(She is the one closest to the piano.)

Some of you are aware of the issues that I've been dealing with my Nana and a creep in her neighborhood that was taking advantage of her. Well, my dad ended up getting legal custody of her. We thought we'd at most we'd be able to control her money but he has control of everything. We've swiftly moved her into a really nice elderly living place where she has a perfect apartment that overlooks a lake. She was certainly resentful at first but recently my uncle overheard her telling someone "My son moved me to a new place because he was frightened for me! He is a good boy!" She's made a ton of friends and they have activities and she now will rush me off the phone to go play cards. Thanks for all of your support and suggestions. I was really at a loss and I needed the support. I'm so glad that she is safe and happy.


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