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NANOWRIMO.... aka I Have NO Ideas. HELP!

Ok, so I’ve resorted to lame. Little Women: LA’s reunion special is on Lifetime (OLDIE, I know), and I’m trying to do a writing prompt. May I also say that I’m a bit drunk and desperate, so let’s go.

Writing prompt: Select a book at random in the room. Find a novel or short story, copy down the last sentence and use this line as the first line of your new story.


I filed down my bookshelf and found the Jane Wagner written/Lily Tomlin acted play, “The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe.” Apt while my background noise is screaming little people on a reality TV show. I have apparently not found it.

Anyways, this is the last sentence, “And maybe one day we’ll do something so magnificent, everyone in the universe will get goosebumps.”

and.... I got nothing! NOT A DAMN THING! It’s too big for me.

But I have an idea for y’all though... Grab a book, write down the last sentence of the book, and inspire others to try this out? If you’re inspired by any of these sentences share it! I’d love to see what people come up with, and get a sentance or two that prompt me too!


P.S. I actually got to see this show off Broadway years ago, up in the upper, uppity tiers, and the usher sensing my excitement told me the door Lily would be coming out of after the show. The show was amazing, and I cried so hard during it. Afterwards me and my mother, who was admittedly much less excited than I, waited a bit outside the door, (we were the only ones) knocked on the door. A Stagehand answered and said Lily would be an extra 30 mins or so, and my mom being all we’re leaving, the lady gave me a signed playbill! I still have it. I love her.

ETA: If anybody here watches Little Women: LA, I would love to dish. This shit is the ish.

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