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Nanowrimo: The weekend

For me, the weekend has always been the hardest part about Nano. There always seems to be this luxury of time. I don’t need to write this morning! We’re having such a nice brunch. I might as well write this afternoon. Oh, wait, I need the afternoon to sober up from brunch? Well, I’ll write tonight. Wait, my spouse is putting on all the shows we ignored over the week? Well, I’ll just watch one and then write after.

And then, it’s 11pm and you realize that you’re now 1667 words behind.

It sucks that this year started on a weekend. I’m sure there are bunches of you that pounded out words all weekend. There’s always that one person who finishes up Nano early because they can write 10,000 words in one day. I am not one of those people. I’m good as good during the week, but once Saturday rolls around, I want nothing more than to read Tumblr, knit, and tell the kids not to jump off the back of the couch.


So, how are everyone’s word counts coming? And yes, I am totally counting this blog post towards my total.

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