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Naps Are The Devil

Naps are overrated. Let me tell you why.

So I woke up around 6:45 and the sun was up, so I rolled over, hoping I could get another hour of sleep at least. I heard what I thought was a clap of thunder, and the sky grew darker. Much darker. “That’s one hell of a rainstorm that must be coming in,” I thought. “I hope it clears up for the picnic tomorrow.”

I decided to check the weather report and found myself irritated when the hourly detail was screwed up, giving me PM time when it was clearly AM time. And yet, the sky kept getting darker.


It took me a solid three hours to figure out that I had not slept clear through to the next day but had, in fact, crashed for an accidental three hour nap from which I’ve emerged having apparently lost all sense of time.

This is literally the third time this has happened to me, and it’s not even the most egregious example. I take solace that I this time I was able to put things together without first having to get irate with the cashier at Dunkin Donuts.

Naps are so clearly the devil.

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