All I want is a nap. I had all the adrenaline this morning because ugh, it's been so long (a decade +) since I've taken school tests and then the professor doesn't show up, doesn't call or email, classmates had to take 2 busses to get there, I had all the facts in my head and bought all the scantrons and was all ready and I didn't sleep well (blargh, text anxiety - I know how I study best, but I still get anxious) and I crammed all the dates in there for nothing - well, for Wednesday. I have to go tutor, and it's a sucky drive, and I have a metric f-ton to read for other classes but it's actually pretty quiet right now, and a good temperature, and not too bright in my apartment, and I want to take all the naps. Even if I'm not a great napper. Doesn't a nap sound good? I mean, look.

ETA: So, it's later. I tutored. While driving on a surface street on my way home, I witnessed a car flip over :( It was really random and out of nowhere. It drained me emotionally, just to see it. I'm totally spent. Saving the reading for tomorrow, and it will be espresso-fueled. Tonight.... I'm done. :/