I was talking on the phone with my mom and the topic turned to her asking me if I thought I had any flaws; physically or otherwise and I thought about it an I told her that I basically think I really don't have any major flaws. Physically, the only thing that I wasn't happy about was my nose, my teeth and wearing glasses so I had a nose job, wore braces, wore contacts/had LASIK done. I'm really happy with my appearance now and I kind of had to train myself to sat "thank you!" instead of "I know" when someone compliments me. I also think I'm very intelligent and have academic achievements to back up my statement (I just mention this to rule out delusion LOL), I think I'm a really nice person too as I'm always kind and try to help others unless someone attacks me/betrays me, I can be vicious and you really don't want to get on my bad side. Well, my mom says that my self-esteem is out of control and that I have traits of narcissism, so apparently I have to feel bad about myself to have a healthy self-esteem according to her!

By the way, I don't go on and on about my awesomeness in real life, mostly if the subject comes up online or if someone outright asks or with very close friends and I think it's hypocritical of my mom to call me a narcissist as she was my example growing up and I kid you not, she would go on and on about her beauty all the time. She's very beautiful and she always had/still has men after her all the time and now she doesn't talk a lot about it but when I was growing up the focus she put on her appearance was extreme. I don't think I would consider myself a narcissist as I don't use others and I really think I'm a good person and an amazing friend, sometimes even putting others' needs above mine which wouldn't fit with being a textbook narcissist. This is a huge navelgazey post, I know, but I would like some input on this.