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Nasty Gross Stuff at Financial Aid Office

So I'm here at my school, waiting in line to get a buzzer so I can talk to someone about the money I need for school, because I am poor as Eff, and I need it for rent and school supplies and all that jazz. You know the drill. I fill out papers and go into debt, yay!


As I'm standing in line, the boyfriend of the girl in front of me walks up and stands in line with her. I don't really care, because my hair is all over the effing place and its sticking to my lips (DAMN YOU LIPGLOSS! I don't know why I keep trying to make this work when you don't even TRY!) and I'm carrying my purse and sweater and laptop bag, because Mr.Dude is the best and knew this was gonna take for-freaking-ever, so he packed up the laptop for me. Anyway! I'm dealing with all my issues so I don't care.


UNTIL! they start snuggling it up. I try to just tell myself to get over it, but then the dude put his hand on her BUNS. Then started rubbing, stroking and squeezing those buns. I am about 10in from them, because of course people wanna cramp the line (yea, that'll make it go faster people). I'm so grossed out at this point. This goes on for 3. Whole. Minutes. And then she shoves her hand up under the back of his shirt and this thought goes through my mind, "God damn it. I walked into an effing porn movie."

They went on and on and then finally I was "next" and got to run away and get a buzzer and find a seat to chill (for an hour and a half wait, grrrr!).

But then they sat 3 seats down from me and are making out, and other people are here making out and groping each other in line and I feel like I'm surrounded by ANIMALS.


Please, tell me your horror stories of the day (or just epic stories), tell me who grossed you out or who made you want to tackle them to the floor and slap them with week old dead fish. Or tell me why this isn't an issue, and I'm just being an over dramatic old prude and tell your saucy stories of public sexiness. I need a distraction from this breeding ground.

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