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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Nasty Neighbor?

This may sound fucking petty, but the woman who lives across the hall from me obviously does night cleaning, but doesn’t take her garbage downstairs. Instead she leaves it all in the hallway, which isn’t air conditioned, and takes it down sometime the next day at her whim. Today it’s 90+ degrees with about a 70 dew pt, and she left a thin bag full of cat litter.

I left a post-it on that bag that said “GROSS”.

The only reason I saw this bag is because I was taking out my own garbage.

Am I a dick for thinking you can either deal with the smell yourself, or walk down two flights of stairs to throw it away? Should I have been less passive agressive? I was in a hallway once where someone confronted her about it, and she took it in for 10 min, and put it back out again. I am too ragey for a stupid issue?


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