I passed the first half of the Boards! The scary, awful, no-fun half containing law, accounting, and business management! NO MORE ACCOUNTING, EVER! No more ledgers, no more post-closing trial balances, no more double declining depreciation! Just one more of many, many reasons why I have no interest in actually owning my own business. Just let me hang out in the prep room and embalm, don't bother me with personnel issues or bookkeeping. Mwah!

Now to review for the grand conclusion (hopefully) of the NBE experience for Sciences on Saturday. Since this section focuses primarily on embalming, restorative art, and anatomy, I'm kind of looking forward to taking it (because GEEK!). Microbio, pathology, and chemistry are also on it, but they don't scare me nearly as much as business law or accounting. (God, I hope those aren't famous last words.)

Another Board-related triumph: my sinus infection didn't unleash an unholy flood of awfulness during the exam like I'd feared! I'd worried all weekend over the fact I've been going through Kleenex like I'm on a personal mission to make all trees extinct because how gross is it to be in a professional testing center and hacking and wheezing and snotting all over the computer? Not to mention the inevitable unpleasantness of being jumped by the other test-takers for distracting them with my plague-y dramatics. So thank you, sinuses, for holding tight for an hour so I could obliterate the Arts exam!

Nerding out!