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National book fest recap!

I found out recently that Stephen King was going to open the National Book Festival in D.C. I secured my cousins to take me if I could get tickets. My sister decided to as well. On the 19th, all four of us tried to get tickets. I succeeded with getting two. Then my sister did too. My cousins failed but we had four tickets!! A couple days before the festival, I got a message telling me that 400 ticket holders were selected to receive autographed copies of End of Watch. I was one of the lucky ones!! Can you believe that! So so excited still.
The Bookfest was amazing. A video of Stephen King’s talk is on the Library of Congress’s website. I was only five rows back from him! Aisle seat. It was so incredible. He was hilarious! I still can’t believe it!!!
After his talk, my cousin and I stayed put for Kareem Abdul Jabbar. while my other companions went to get me other books signed and pick up my End of Watch. Kareem was being interviewed in a very serious but interesting way. It was mainly about history and race. I had no idea that he was always so interested in history. I really like him now.
My sister and my cousin switched places for Shonda Rhimes. Shonda also was interviewed. But hers seemed more like a friendly long chat. She was funny yet informative about her life, growing up reading, movie and tv writing work, and her new book. I want to read her book so badly now!!
The whole day was just magical!! Thank you Kcunning for telling me about the festival! Wish I could have met up. Someday!


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