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National Day of WTMFH

Confusing news: today is National Pro-Life Cupcake Day! I'm really stumped on this one, guys.

Cupcakes are frivolous and girlish, out of vogue, and hilariously overpriced. I love them and would eat them every goddamn day if my wallet and pants could accommodate such a habit. It seems like an odd decision to tie what is, the anti-choice movement claims, a life-and-death, brimstone-and-hellfire issue to the silliest of baked goods. This is a group of people who underhandedly push through dangerous legislation and harass people on the street. This is a movement the fringes of which actually murder full-grown humans. Now they're going to BAKE CUPCAKES ABOUT IT?


I'm assuming that the website has more information about this day and its intent (my guess: little bitty birthday cakes for the little bitty fetuses!), but I honestly don't give a shit. It's belittling, insulting, and a waste of good frosting.


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