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Welcome To The Bitchery

National EnKKKuirer Front Page Malia in Rehab

Well it appears National Enquirer is now a wing of the altright. Not only has everytime I have seen the covers extolling the virtues of Trump but now attacking Malia Obama. Why? The Enquirer does not see her in recent photos thus she is in rehab.

So amyone here does not post, star or comment for more then a day. Well guess you are gone due to being in rehab. Yes that’s nonsensical but so isn’t this cover and article snipit. I know folks tend to discount the impact of these tabloids but almost everyone goes to grocery stores and the Enquurer and Globe has had nothing but Trump is great covers and the scummiest covers for Hillary for last year. I am not sure we should discount their impact.


Why hasn’t anyone also gone after the fake news in these publications. Do not say “no one believes these rags”. In October I would have agreed but not now. I do believe enough believe these rags are either factual or believe where there is smoke there is fire.

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