*not that I think this would get MPed, but please don't*

Sometimes, I get really, really bummed out when I find myself to be in the vocal minority when it's something that I strongly believe in...and I really feel that I'm right.

I'm bummed out that Wisconsin has decided to make it more difficult to force schools to change their Native American themed mascots. The Wisconsin Indian Education Association has asked schools to drop American Indian mascots and nicknames but 31 school districts are flat-out refusing to change with the usual arguments of tradition and how the mascot is honoring tribes.

I'm bummed out when the few friends I've managed to make in town strongly disagree with me and say that the mascots are just fine. I think it's absurdly insensitive to argue with a marginalized population that has specifically asked that they stop using the 'Indian Head' mascot and name and tell them that it's not offensive. Guess what? The group you are 'honoring' does find it offensive. I'm pissed off that people I know and like think that the tradition of the race-themed mascot is more important than the feelings of the group they are supposedly representing.

I'm really pissed off at seeing comments like "Why is the Native American community focusing on this? They have bigger problems." Screw you! People are allowed to care about many different things at the same time. Some would argue that seeing one's entire history and culture simplified down to a 'noble warrior' who kicks ass at football is a big deal. I'm pissed off at seeing comments like "How is this any different than the MN Vikings?" Really. I have to explain to you how a state with a large and super-proud Scandinavian-descent population choosing represent themselves with an almost mythologized historical group of raiders is different than an in-power group choosing to represent themselves with a caricature of a group to which they do not belong. I'm bummed and pissed when a NA friend comments that she doesn't like it; it makes her feel like she's on the same level as "animals or cartoons" or that she has to defend her tribe "we weren't all violent warriors!" - she's told that she's being overly sensitive.

I know it's hard to change a school mascot. I just wish that it wasn't so hard for some people to say "We're sorry we have been using a mascot that is hurtful. We are going to change."