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Native Appropriations: Yes Sometimes We Look Kinda White Too

The Native Appropriations blog is writing the most intelligent, articulate commentary online about Native women, First Nations issues, and she is compassionate, reasonable, and fair. So why is the author, Adrienne Keene, getting called out for looking "too white"?

I was stoked to get to talk about my "other" life in Indian Ed, since I'm still finding my voice in that area (haven't been blogging about it for five years, though I have been studying and researching for that long…). I think anything I can do to signal boost Native issues in higher education and help shed light on our experiences, struggles, and triumphs in college and beyond is important.


There are distinct advantages to not looking too native, or too much of any color but white. Forgetting or hiding or ignoring her heritage would make it more difficult for those WOC without voices. Adrienne has privilege, and is in a position to speak to both sides- for First Nations people to the educated elite. I am delighted that she makes herself (and Native people) heard- I am so proud that she is doing what she's doing. She is one of my few First Nations role models. She's awesome and it has so very little to do with how she looks.

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