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Naturopath pleads not guilty to Child Endangerment after putting Breastfeeding Mom on water only diet

An Australian Naturopath has pled not guilty to a charge of child endangerment after she among other things, put the breastfeeding mother on a water only diet, to treat the baby’s fever.

When the mother first came to the naturopath, she put the mother on a raw food diet to treat the then 6 month old’s eczema. She also advised the mother to stop using steroidal cream on the baby telling her it was best to put nothing on the skin, so it could “breathe”.

Fun fact: Skin needing to “breathe” is a Victorian idea, with no basis in modern medicine. Some Victorian painted animals with shellac, and then the animals died. The Victorian concluded that skin is needed for breathing. What actually happened was the poor animals overheated. Also, part of what causes eczema is dry skin, and the most effective way to treat that part of it is with creams that moisture and help prevent water loss.


Then when the baby developed a fever, the naturopath told her to go on a water only diet and that her child wouldn’t get better if she ate.

When it was time to introduce solid food, the naturopath told thecmother that instead of feeding the baby vegetable purée, she should put raw veggies in a net and let the baby suck on it.

She also told the mother to give the baby goat’s milk. When the baby vomitted it up the naturopath said that this was good because it meant the baby was eliminating the toxins that caused his eczema.

After a week of vomittimg, the mother took her now 8 month old son to the hospital. He weighed 6.39 kg (roughly 14 lbs) placing him in the zero percentile for boys his age.


The baby has been removed from his mother’s care, and has also been charged with child endangerment.

Holy hell. The article is a little unclear. Presumably the mother was not on the water only diet for a great length of time. But putting a lactating woman on a raw diet is utter madness. Women on raw food diets often lose so much body fat that they stop menstruating. Cooking food makes many other nutrients, not just calories, more bio available as well.


This Naturopath is a unscientific menace.

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