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Nausea help? TW: nausea, puke

This weekend, I came down with the stomach flu. Or temporary death.

After some sniffles during the week, I randomly and VIOLENTLY vomited. SO MUCH SO that I blew a blood vessel in my eye.


This is the first time I've non-alcohol or non-eating disorder puked in probably 7-10 years.

Since Saturday, I've had a headache (Sunday) and continued nausea (then to now). Husband bought me some anti-nausea chews from Walgreens but SERIOUSLY GUISE, CHERRY FLAVORED CHEW-THINGS FOR NAUSEA!?!?! And manufactured cherry? Ew.


I've got cats to the left to me and diet 7-up to the right and need some tips/advice for dealing with it. The puke hasn't happened since Saturday but still feels like it's going to happen.

Tips, tricks, volunteers to be my mommy till I feel better?

p.s. Allie Brosh is interviewed on Fresh Air today. Get thee to a radio/podcast!

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