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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Hey, shameless spam or completely and utterly fantastic reminder? Yes! Both! If you or a loved one serve in the Armed Forces (not just Navy) or DoD you're eligible for Navy Federal and you need to dooooooo eeeeeeet.

My son's in the Navy, we signed up for NFCU about a week and a half ago based on his eligibility, and despite a jacked up credit report (FICO's are in the mid to middling-high 600's) we had some very, very nice approvals come our way after joining. (The first was a preapproved auto loan which we didn't take, but man, I've got car fever now.)


So here's the deal - hit me up at my squalorid if you're interested, sign up for a credit union account here if you're eligible, and we'll both get $50 for the referral. Even if you don't do the referral, I HIGHLY recommend this CU. Bigtime.

eta: Man, I've really got to do a full credit report crap post sometime, so I can explain why getting in with this CU is so good for your score in the longrun. Short answer: they give generous credit card lines, which IF you're good and don't go buy all the things and keep your utilization of the card low, ups your score and your future credit offers, as well.

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