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NBC Needs To Fire Andrew Lack

He replaced Steve Kornacki with a conservative host Nicole Wallace granted she seems nice and an antiTrumper but still conservative. Why Lack is trying MSNBC  to be Fox News Lite just disgusts me.

He hired Megyn Kelly a true conservative who once insisted Santa was white. Gave a softball interview to Putin now wants to give legitimacy to Alex Jones. Jones a right winger who believes Newton shooting never happened and Boston Marathon the feds were behind the bombings and called it a “false flag”. Even if she gives a tough interview Jones will gain not lose listeners and viewers to his show. She had to have known this and just thought “ratings” and to hell with the results. The resuls being Jones gains legitimacy. Although considering both are conservatives I am sure this will be a soft interview.

Also because of hiring Kelly they removed Tamron Hall from a Today Show hour and ultimately lost her when she quit. I am sure Lack thought a white female will bring in more viewers then an African American female. Plus her Fox News fans won’t stand for an African American who would disagree with their white right winger.


Oh yeah Hall is far better giving interviews.

Lack should have pushed harder to make Hall the next big news media star instead of running to Fox. Oh wait Lack would want to appeal to Fox viewers and Hall by her skin color alone would not do it.

Fire Lack and replace him with someone who will fire Kelly and rehire Hall. Also rehire Krystal Ball and move her to Wallace’s slot. I believe Lack was behind her firing and Toure’s. Wallace is fine as a guest she just personifies Fox News Lite.

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