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So, college football fans! What's the rivalry where you are? Are there any traditions your school has during rival week? Do you not give a shit (like me)? I wrote a post last year about how this is the worst week to live in Ohio when you don't give even one single, solitary fuck about the fucking Buckeyes.


Oh yes. Today is Buckeyes vs Wolverines

A few days before the game, a bunch of students will jump into a pond on campus, which is the only tradition here that I'm familiar with (I didn't go to OSU). I bet Columbus is a ghost town right now. Good time to take PollyDog on a nice long walk, and after halftime, I'll go for a run. I know I won't be disturbed!

♫I don't give a damn about the Bucks vs the Wolverines, cause I'm from New Eng-Land!♫

(As always, I do indeed hope the Buckeyes win, because Mondays at the office are brutal when they lose.)


Tell me your rivalries and traditions! Fuck UMaine!

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