Spoilers ahead, if you watch the franchise.

This week on NCIS:LA, Michelle Hanna, LL Cool J’s badass agent wife, was killed. And it made me realize...she died. Jackie Vance, the Director’s wife, died on NCIS. Ziva died. Pretty much the three main/recurring women of color on the two shows (I don’t watch any of the other shows in the franchise).

And each time, their death has been about the man. In two cases because they are The Wife and now the men will have Feels and want Revenge. Ziva’s case pisses me off the most because she was a beloved member of the team and a main character. She left a couple seasons ago and they brought her back to kill her offscreen so that a man could have a revelation upon inheriting their daughter and be written off the show to care for her.


It bothers me. Thoughts? Am I off base?