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This coincided for a few years with Buffy. I loved both. Sadly Xena never caught on for reruns like Buffy did. I loved how clever the writings were on Xena. I loved the huge cast of characters some playing 2 roles like Karl Urban who one week played Cupid the next Ceaser or the actress who played both Cleopatra and Helen of Troy. The writing went from witty to very serious. I also liked Joxer by Ted Raimi. He on the surface was a joke of a character but he represented who Xena fought for, the innocent and good. He also preserved and helped write the Xena scrolls.

I also loved the time jumping episode. One episode its ancient Greece to next episode 1930s another episode present day. Xena, Gabby and Joxer all were reincarnated and met in various times or at least Joxer's descendents.


I wish some cable channel would rerun this series. Its seriously fantastic. It clearly outshone Hercule, The Legendary Journey which Xena was a spinoff. Hercules worked best when it was a comedy. Also Lucy Lawless was fantastic, she played 4 different roles in both series mostly comic. She played Xena, a farmer (Hercules), thief, and princess.

Anyone else love this?

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