Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

This is my first real challenge in my year of yes.

After I moved back home, I met with a small agency that needed business development help. I agreed to poke around and scout some leads but I also laid out how the agency could do better as far as approach etc etc etc. We worked out a commission structure and I was off.

Flash forward to about a month and a half later, I have established some relationships but not any solid leads. They aren’t unhappy about it, but I can tell there is a sense of urgency. At the same time they have incurred no cost to have me do any of it, so I’m a little offset by it. I send weekly email updates on my calls/meetings/actions and I never heard a response from the last one. When I do initiate contact with them, I hear of meetings/RFPs etc that they are pursuing (which they’ve asked me to help them with in the past) but don’t clue me in on beforehand.


I now have a full-time job and while I have some extra time to do this, I don’t really feel like the relationship is beneficial to me. It was nice while I was without a job to get out and network on their behalf, but since I don’t really know what they are doing day to day I don’t think it’s very solid anymore.

So..... is it shitty to go one more week in earnest and then tell them that my actual job is turning up the heat so I have to stop? Is that one of those okay lies?

What are your thoughts groupthink?

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