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Welcome To The Bitchery

Need A Mystery Solved This Makes No Sense

Since its summer I walk GF and BF to the park. There is a road going into the park where people park along the side of and get out, walk dogs, play tennis etc.

There is a woman looks circa 60 she parks on the side of the road every single late afternoon into early evening. She keeps the car windows open, she just sits in her drivers seat. Yet her engine is always on. Any time I go between 4 to 7pm she is there, about same spot but not when it rains (actually not sure of that since I do not go in the rain). I never saw her readng or on cellphone.


Today I examined her line of sight. She is too odd of an angle to see tennis players, few people go beyond that except for softball players but they are far beyond her line of sight. Its the bathrooms which she has perfect line of sight for.

Does anyone find this odd? Engine is on plus windows in front all open.

She has every right to do this but I find this odd. There are better areas like the mall or shopping areas to people watch. Yet something feels off.

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