Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Need a previously posted Smoothie recipe & Other thoughts

-So I'm trying to work more fruit and greens into my diet. The smoothie route seems to be the best way to go. Someone posted a recipe that involved spinach, and chocolate almond milk. If you are that person can you post it again below. Or post your favorite smoothie recipe.

-I meant to post some Coach bags to the GT yard sale but the Geekboy distracted me with dinner and sexytimes. #noregrets


-UGH this is such a slow time in my business because of people going on vacation/not wanting to do any work. I'm almost tempted to start a GT fight because I'm bored. (I won't mods I'll be good.)

-Recruiter advice: Put your resume on Indeed if you're looking. It's a rare free resource I've just discovered. (Thought it cost money to cull resumes before.)

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