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Welcome To The Bitchery

Need advice/consolation.

So, I failed the bar for the fourth time. Two states, two times each. I need some advice.

Not knowing my score breakdown yet, I don’t know how badly I failed, but I failed it. The good thing is, I am not in a law-preferred job. I work in a policy job that I love (well, most of the time, except for that one time), and that uses my legal skills, but I don’t have to be a licensed attorney. My boss (even though he’s kinda weird, see previous link) wrote me a really nice, supportive note yesterday after I found out I failed about how awesome I am as an advocate and as a policy professional and about how it doesn’t matter in the long run. 


Do I take it again? Do I keep beating my head on a brick wall over six years after I’ve graduated from law school? I don’t want to take it again for a fifth time, but it’s so hard to accept defeat, and I don’t know if I’m saying that I don’t want to take it out of frustration or out of wisdom. Please reassure me that I’m making the right call here—or tell me if you think I’m not.

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