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Need Advice - On-Line Dating for an Unwilling Born-Again Virgin

Okay, i think i maybe might be ready to start thinking about considering preparing to begin to commence with completing the pre-conditions that are necessary for the new kind of dating, which, as you all know, is done on-line.

(Back story) I'm old, but still cute. Dumped by husband after 29 years of wedded bliss. (More backstory, but whatever.) Still recovering although it's been over 2 years. I miss sex. I'm lonely. I have great friends, but don't want to fuck them. Irredeemably straight (dammit!)

I'm funny and a smart ass and irreverent and vulgar and real. I hate denial, i am not all that traditionally feminine. (Painting my toes is a once every year event, maybe.)


Having blabbed all that, what i need to know from you all, who seem to favor OKC, what is the best dating site for someone like me? Match? E-Harmony (is that one kind of religion based? Because that will not work for me.) OKC?


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