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Need an Ativan. Don't have one.

We are currently under a severe weather alert, which NBD, right? Except that we are expected to have very bad weather this afternoon into tonight. OK and AR were hit hard yesterday. Yesterday was also the third anniversary of the devestating tornado outbreaks that ravaged several communities across several states. One of those tornadoes went right over our heads and destroyed family members' homes and killed people in our community.

I made the mistake of reading an article about the tornadoes that hit yesterday. My thoughts are with a those affected. Their lives have been devestated. Then I continued reading and see that the worst hit town in AR was hit by a tornado that FOLLOWED THE SAME PATH AS THE ONE THAT HIT THREE YEARS AGO.

Y'all, I'm freaking the fuck out.

Trying to hide it because the kids have just now gotten to where every rumble of thunder doesn't send them into a panic. I kept them home from school (which is dismissing at lunch anyway) because I am so worried that everything may start earlier than predicted. We have a storm pit. My husband stayed home. I shouldn't be so panicked, but here I am.


Anyone have any substances with a calming effect they'd like to send to me? Or maybe something that will just knock me the fuck out? Anyone? Please?

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