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My mom has declared that our side of the family will be exchanging homemade gifts for Xmas because poor.
I know, I know. It's too early for this shit, but I need ideas NOW so I can get started. I'm a world class procrastinator. The 8 or so gifts I have to make may get finished on Christmas morning.
I've decided to knit scarves for my neices and nephews. They'll get a toy, too. I'm no killjoy.
My brothers will probably get baked goods. Chocolate-covered peanut butter balls and snowball cookies seem like good picks for them.
This is where I'm stuck. My mom's husband, my mom, my SiL (who is separated from my brother but I assume will be there), and my grandmother have me scratching my head.
What can I make that they will actually appreciate, GT? Halp!
PS - Fruitcake need not apply.
ETA: You guise! You are so awesome! I have so many ideas now that next year's birthdays and holidays are covered :)
Thank you!


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