Since I am in a new apartment and really have no clue about cleaning - at least beyond wiping down all horizontal surfaces. Should I have a schedule to follow whether it needs it or not? What things need to be done daily, weekly, monthly?

I have been in my new place for 2 weeks now and I am overwhelmed with just getting this place set up. Everytime I start to do a task, something else needs to be done; at first, I tried to get whatever was in the way over to where it will belong. That just caused me to get into an endless loop. So now I put everything that does not belong where it is into the spare bedroom to be dealt with later. I almost have the bathroom done; the kitchen is becoming useful now I want the living area to be split into seating and eating. I also want my bedroom in some sort of order.

So I guess what I am looking for is what do I need to clean and how often and what things should I do or avoid when setting up my apt to help me keep it clean.

My ex had a great idea - she has a rack where all her devices can be recharged keeping all cabling in one place. Just writing this is helping me procrastinate. I am going to go work out and then - yes, then I will get to work on my apt.

Yes, I have ADD - writing just this little piece took me an hour.