Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I have a really teeny tiny closet for the first time ever. I've never had anything huge like a walk-in or anything, but I've always had enough room for my clothes. This closet is about two and a half feet wide and maybe 18 inches deep, with one shelf above the rod. I'm not even a gal with an extensive wardrobe but there's just no room in there.

I'm used to keeping almost all my clothes in the closet. Never been super into dressers for clothes storage, except for maybe socks and undies. But now I'm going to need a dresser, and a pretty big one to fit all of my stuff that's not fitting in the closet. I have one right now, but it's old and the drawers are super hard to open and it makes me rage.

So I need some inspiration and ideas. What kind of clothes storage setup do you have in your bedroom? Do you have a taller chest of drawers, or a longer shorter vanity style dresser? Or maybe you're really fancy and have both. Or are you like me and like everything to be tucked away in the closet, and you understand my predicament? Pictures of your organization and furniture pieces are welcome!


ALSO, SHOES! I have no place to put my shoes! Where can I put my shoes?

Help me get my clothes off the floor please Groupthink.

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