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You guys, I really should start test driving cars. I can go tonight, but I'm having a severe case of the I don't wannas. Or at least I don't wanna go by myself because I might get ragey if I get some mansplaining. Which I will, because it's the South and I have boobs. Especially if I go to the Mazda dealership; it was their genius service department that tried to explain to me how to open my gas tank (of a car I've had for many years) when I asked them to check on the power locking mechanism that was sticking in cold weather. Apparently I could figure out how to manually open it from the trunk, but not how to operate it like a normal human. Or they'll try to put me into to one of their hideous custom Beetles, probably the bright pink one. Yes, the same dealership handles Audi, Porsche, Mazda, and VW.

Maybe I'll bribe my brother to go with me this weekend because he loves cars and I can say it's an early birthday gift to me. But he'll just tell me to get a VW TDI (which are way too expensive).

Encouragement? Or verbally accost me and tell me to put on my big girl panties.

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