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Need fancy, complicated dessert recipes!

My mom and I have a new tradition for xmas eve -we make a super complex dessert for xmas day. Last year (the first year) we made a Charlotte Royale:

This year I proposed the prinsesstårta or the dobos torte


My mom agreed to the latter, but then today texted me asking if we could make a crepe cake instead

Looks super blah to me - and I’m not a fan of crepes. So, I am trying to search for something else. I suggested Les Miséreables, but she nixed those.


I’m trying to find a strawberry cake recipe that my dad sent me years ago that is amazing - but it’s called something else other than a cake - even though it looks like a layer cake.


So, I’m looking for fancy and complex dessert recipes. Any ideas? Two restrictions - no chocolate. My mom can’t eat chocolate. And I don’t like eggy things (so like, no meringue - but custards are ok). I think she isn’t a fan of cake - but if you have recipes for pretty cakes, post them anyway!

Thank you in advance!!!

I just made a counterproposal of this:


Salted caramel tart was nixed - requires too unique of ingredients and equipment my mom doesn’t have ... back to the drawing board...

Ah! Here’s the cake recipe that my dad sent me. It is amazing:


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