About 120 miles north of the bay area- anyone know a lawyer who can help?

Everyone in our 70+ employee company (including salary) got a 3 dollar an hour raise. Except for the women. They got a $1 raise or $2 raise- the male that was hired on as an assistant a year ago now makes more than the lady he was meant to assist who was hired 3 years ago (general manager has said he isn’t getting a promotion, he just deserves it more. Employee constantly takes unpaid hours off work, but the general manager has told HR he only wants tardiness documented. His time and attendance is atrocious)

We usually get a bonus around this time, but we aren’t this year because everyone got a raise. Except for the 3 women. General manager has been warned before that he’s sexist.


Hook me up with someone if you think I have a case. I do payroll, so this is a for sure thing.