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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Need general opinions on chiropractors

So, here's the thing. Having grown up in Brazil, I never even heard of a chiropractor until college. Based on my lay person's observations, I was always a little skeptical of their work. There were two main reasons for my skepticism: a) some of the manipulations seem kind of unsafe, and b) they're not MDs. I recently had the opportunity to schedule an appointment with as part of a cheap massage deal for business owners (which my boyfriend is). So I got my massage, then immediately afterwards I was swept into the chiropractor's office, where he recommended X-rays and a follow-up appointment. The X-rays were free, so I thought, "Sure, why not."

Today I went to my follow-up, and he pointed out some imbalance in my hips and some compression of joints near my tail bone, which could potentially cause nerve damage if left untreated. He wrote me a treatment plan (which my current insurance plan doesn't cover, but my new one might after it goes into effect). Without insurance, the cost is not negligible, but could be reasonable if the problems are solved. So, GT? What are your experiences/opinions about chiropractic treatment? Is it safer than I have perceived it to be? Am I being overly prejudiced against a perfectly legit form of treatment? Please let me know!


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