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Need Help From GT Gamers

I plan to be spending a good portion of tomorrow writing a really angry takedown piece of every sexist, bullshit, misogynistic, anti-feminist argument women have to face in the gaming community, because the comments on Laura's article have been making me angrier and angrier all day (to the point where I just completely went off on someone and I don't even feel sorry about it). The reason I need your help is that I need help in remembering every one of these stupid arguments so that I can say mean things and swear at them. Feel free to post them here — I don't want to miss anything. I'll keep an updated list of arguments I plan to shred.

So come on — fishnets, Elena, cassie (and chani_dib, if she hadn't fallen off the face of the Earth), Penabler, kcunning, and everyone else I'm forgetting. Help me out here.

- "It's not true that there's a shortage of female protagonists because of these four cherry-picked examples."
- "Games aren't marketed to women because women don't play games."
- "Women aren't REAL gamers, they're just casuals."
- "Gender in video games shouldn't matter — we should all just be humanists. I don't think about my gender when I'm gaming, so why should you care about yours?"
- "Anyone who came to video games late isn't a REAL gamer."
- "Men are treated badly in games, too! Look at how many men get shot in games!"
- "Cosplayers only dress up because they're sirens trying to lure me into their talons. They should know that I can never be separated from my true love: my neckbeard."
- "Women aren't game protagonists because they're physically small and weak and only big burly man-muscles can win at Call of Battle: Dutyfield or Cattlefield: Modern Warfarts or Turds of War."
- "If you don't like the games, don't play them."
- "Men are just as objectified in games as women are."
- "Women in games need to stop flaunting their ladybits by speaking and walking around and breathing and stuff, because it makes me sad in the pants-place."
- "There's nothing wrong with objectification — a character who is nothing more than a pair of water balloons on a stick doesn't harm anything."
- "Publishers don't make games with female protagonists because they wouldn't sell. Men don't want to play a female character because then they might kiss a dude and that'd be gay."
- "If you want more games with female protagonists, design the games yourself."
- "Games marketed to women means fewer games that I'll like, because reasons."


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