When I was in high school, my mom bought me this t-shirt to wear to the March for Women's Lives in DC:

However, 10 years ago I was about 100 sizes smaller than I am now, and the shirt hasn't fit in years. I love it so much that I don't want to throw it at the bottom of some donation pile because who knows where it could end up! I like the trend of giving away clothes to other groupthinkers who would appreciate it so that is what I decided to do. Here is the deal:

Size: I cut off the tag at some point so I'm not completely sure what size it is, but I would imagine it is a women's XS, or maybe even the equivalent of a girls L. The cotton is somewhat stretchy but it is just way too short on me now. So it is best for someone who is short and petite.

Rules: If you think the shirt will fit you, you'll need to write a dirty limerick to be eligible. The dirtiest limerick wins the shirt!

(But even if you don't want the shirt please write dirty limericks, because why not?)