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Need new bras? You can use my coupon!

Hey, so I have started testing out this new try-at-home bra website called True & Co. They start out by having you take a bra quiz about how your bras fit and then match you to styles/sizes that seem like they would fit best. They also have sports bras, panties, and loungewear, though I haven't explored those as much. They're doing free shipping for their try at home service AND offering me a few discounts for my birthday, so I thought I'd try it out. For my first order, they gave me a $25 off coupon to share with people.

Feel free to use it, if you like! I've placed an at-home (FREEEEEEE) order to try on a few of their bras, and I'm pretty excited. Most of my bras are ranging on the 3-4 years old timescale and getting a bit sad. I've had to throw 2 out due to underwire poking out. :( I'm excited to try two new types of bras I've never tried: demi-cup bras and those bras without any padding, just cloth/lace. One of my quiz results said my boobehs would look best in a demi-cup (sure!?)!

What are your favorite bras/types? Stores?

EDIT: When you do the try on thing, you pick 3 and then they pick 2 based on what their "experts" think will fit you best! Just so ya know!


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