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Welcome To The Bitchery

Got something that's been bothering me, wanted to ask you all about it.

So to make a long story slightly less long, the only time my husband's been able to get his penis in my vagina without A) me screaming in pain and us having to stop or B) it continuing but I bleed all over the place (only happened once I think other than the first time)....was our wedding night.

We do anal and oral regularly. I've talked before in comments with people and gathered that it's not typical for anal without lube to be much, much easier than vaginal. The suggested solution was to try lube.

Well, we tried lube and it still didn't work. I had had a lot of foreplay too, including multiple orgasms. I just feel like I'm broken and I don't know how to fix it. We both like anal and oral, but we want to make babies, not yet, but in a few years, and would like to have vaginal as an option anyway.

I did some googling and saw vaginismus seems like a possible fit. What I feel is a burning, stingy feeling, and my muscles really tense up a lot, including in my legs which kind of forces him away if he's trying to penetrate. But even if I go on top it still seems like there's a wall there.


I've never had success with tampons and I've had doctors give up on doing my pap smear (had one success and I'm so relieved I don't need another for a few years). I feel like I probably need some professional help here, but I'm not sure what kind of professional help.

Anyway...anyone ever been through something similar, or have ideas on where to turn next?

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