Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I have a wedding to go to in DC in August. I’m MoH but it’s a small wedding, outdoors, at their mini-farm, so I can wear whatever is comfortable, just not white. Bride’s dress is a simple white sheath in gorgeous fabric. I need shopping recommendations!

I’m somewhere between a 16 and 18 (depending on cut and brand) and I’m 5’ 2”. My shape is pretty straight up and down. I’m looking for a floor length, lightweight dress, high neckline, maybe lace or fabric short sleeves to hide any t-shirt tan line I get by August.


I rarely wear dresses, and haven’t shopped for anything nicer in a long time (west coast casual here). Crowdsourcing to the rescue (I hope!).

ETA: WOW, thank you everyone! I didn’t think of so many things. I live in the PNW where August is dry and the possible wetness with a floor length never occurred to me.  I was planning on flats for the ground situation.  I visited DC in July last year and thought I was going to die from the heat and humidity so I’m not excited about that. Now I’m worried about my hair looking bedraggled and my makeup sliding off. Any makeup brand suggestions for humidity?? I will check out all the suggested places/ideas! Thanks again everyone!

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