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Need Some Assistance From The Hivemind

I have no idea what is wrong with me but I cannot write. I hate writing. We saw how stressful it was for me to write my MOH speech for my sisters wedding. And I'm in an even worse bind now.

I missed the application deadline of the only other program that I'm applying for, because I am a moron. So really, everything is riding on me getting into the program I'm applying for now. They only accept 15 students once a year. I'm applying for Fall of 2014. If I don't make it, I can reapply for Fall of 2015 and that's it.


The nice thing about this program is that I don't have to do any testing. I apply and write an essay (DUM DUM DUUUUUUUM). Then they call me back for an interview if they're interested and if they like me after that I'll be accepted into the program. I need to write something that will make this pop:

Please submit below a narrative describing your interest in the program of your choice. The narrative should cover career goals, leadership positions, and experience relating to the health field, research, and community service. Applicants may describe work or other significant life experiences that relate to motivation, qualifications, or academic record

So I'm about to puke. I wanted to get this done two weeks ago but I don't know what to write! I can talk about my career goals! - I'd love to graduate from their program and work in their hospital and gain experience while working on my masters for Bacteriology or Virology and then possibly move onto my doctorates and then work (hopefully finding work in a research capacity or with the CDC). I have no leadership positions, and no experience in the field. I have no community service. My work as a flight attendant would not help with the prompt, and I'm pretty sure neither would my life experience. I mean, I can talk about how I left my job to go to school because I felt that I needed to be doing something with more meaning, and that's why I chose a field in science and healthcare. But beyond that, I don't know how to articulate how badly I want this. I need to turn this in by the end of the week, but preferably by the end of the day.


I'm so stressed out guys. I really want this. If I can't get in, I'm screwed for two years. I may as well just go get a bachelors in biology (which is not bad, but is so not what I want).


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