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Need some bra advice

I just got my bras in the mail yesterday, Yay! But, they don't quite fit, Booooo!

The problem is I ordered two in 32 F. The first one was this Freya Pink Flamingo Bra. I think it is the most adorable bra I have ever seen. But, the band was just a little too tight, not "adjusting to a properly fitting band tight, but uncomfortably tight. The cups were almost perfect, though maybe a little small. I'm hoping exchanging it for a 34E will be okay, because they don't have 34F. If not, I am going to return it and then cry and then scour eBay until I find it.

The other bra was the Curvy Kate Daily Boost Balconette Bra and it might be the ugliest, most unflattering bra I have ever put in. I'm not sure if it was the 3-part construction or what, but it was awful on me! Definitely a return, no exchange. But, the real problem I ran into with it is that the band was too tight, but the cups were almost just right, just a little bit too small.


I'm not sure what to do going forward in trying to find new bras. I fear if I go with the 34E, the band will be just right, but the cups will still be just a little bit too small. But, if I go with 34F, the cups are going to be way too big on me. Also, I assume I like Freya bras, but not Curvy Kate. Any brand/style recommendations (styles such as cup construction, etc) At the moment, I can afford to only buy about 2 or 3 bras at a time for testing purposes. Even if I get all the money back when I return them, that could still take a month, so the number of bras I can buy to test is slightly limited and I would like to "get the most bang for my buck".

Any help would be appreciated. Realizing I was once again in the wrong size was the first step, but this step of actually finding what size/style works for me sucks! Especially when my only option is searching online.

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