I need to go down to my old school and get an Alumni ID so I can sign up to do my radio show. I am full of nerves and insecurity.

I LOVE radio and had a successful show/podcast on my school's internet radio station for a few years before my depression got in the way of my academics. The station allows alumni to continue to do shows and a week ago I attended the first meeting of the station to get more involved and get my show back.

The meeting was great and energized me on so many levels. My husband was also at home to meet me afterwards and... and I think his presence helped bolster my own confidence.

I've taken my morning pills (incl anti-anxiety) but these are the thoughts I'm wrestling with:

  • What if it's hard to get the ID? That takes so much time and trouble
  • ...and they have to take a picture and I'm ugly and not cool like the other art students though that didn't matter last week but now it's now....
  • I've paid all my back tuition so there's no reason they wouldn't give it to me but...
  • ...but Link the Cat still has his cone on so shouldn't I stay here and watch him
  • I haven't taken Cooper for a long walk this morning (even though we don't usually do long walks in the morning) and he's going to whine when I leave and then I feel bad and....
  • ....I'm a failure failure failure.