We had what I can only describe as a freak accident last night. The Mister and I were outside and suddenly heard the most awful screaming from the house. The dogs had been napping on the tile floor in the family room under the ceiling fan where it was cool. Pepper somehow got her right hind foot through a decorative loop on the leg of one of our iron chairs near the breakfast table. It was stuck in there pretty good and of course she struggled. I had to hold her collar and talk to her while The Mister carefully moved the chair into a better position so I could slide the leg out with my other hand. She had some scrapes and contusions and was quite traumatized. Last night The Mister slept downstairs with her on the sofa because she wasn’t up to getting to the second floor. This morning she has a fair amount of swelling around her hock.

Of course, this is her bad leg. Back story: she was racing in Daytona and was pushed into the first turn wall in her 22nd race. The impact broke her wire racing muzzle and she lost her right eye. She also had caught her right hind leg between another dog’s front legs and had a twisting break at the hock joint that took a huge chip out of the cusp at the top of the lower bone. As a result she’s always had a limp - she usually tripods around a little over half of the time, and has formed a lot of arthritis there already. The first thing we did when we got her 5 years ago was find a good canine orthopedist and fortunately he’s only 40 minutes away. We called this morning and The Mister is on his way there with her now. So please, send good thoughts Pepper’s way today! I’m hoping this is just a nasty sprain but that joint is so messed up that it makes her a higher risk for worse.

** She’s OK!! X-rays show no damage or shift in the position of the large bone chip. No tendon or ligament damage. She has a slight sprain and a deep bruise that is causing the swelling. The vet found she has a bacterial infection in the joint as well - no telling how long she’s had that. She’s on 6 days of antibiotics and heat/rest until the swelling is down. Thanks so much for all your good thoughts! The Mister is off to the hardware store to get a blade so he can cut those damn scrolls off the bottom of both chairs. We will NOT have this happen again. Pet proof your homes, my friends!



Someone has had a very stressful 24 hours.