Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I am super nervous and anxious right now. I've got that little, tight, burn in my belly and the shakes.

I'm going to run for Chief Steward of my local against the long standing (20+ years) CS. She, along with the previous and current President, has trained me and shown me the way. She is also very attached to the job and I fear that she will not take kindly to my announcement. I'm about to call her and see if I can swing by to chat and basically let her know before I make any official announcement to the other stewards and the local. This is going to be difficult. I'm pretty sure this will not be welcome news. Ugh.


I want to do this because I want to bring some changes to the union and I need to be in the office full time so I am actually able to follow through on cases (I get many but because of balancing work and volunteering I don't always see cases through to the end). And I'd like to bring a fresh perspective in especially to represent our younger members. So I don't see waiting until the current CS decides to step down (which won't happen until she retires some 5 or 6 years down the road).

Give me some courage here my friends. I gotta put my big girl pants on.

Update: She has free time at noon. In one hour I get the job done. Thanks kids!!

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