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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Need some opinions on a video project I'm finishing up

So Roller Derby is like, something I fell in love with, so me and a friend did a roller derby project.


Many screw ups, fails, and glitches later, I manage to get something together about... 2 months after the day I was hoping to have something.

Can anyone give some feed back. Its a rough draft, but its not far from the final project, which is again, 2 months behind, So really I think i might make few changes. its 4 vids, but I dont expect anyone to take up too much of their time.
(thats me in the vid BTW, Dre)


Vid 1: intro. I plan onjust adding sound effects, and a triller-esque song, and fix some issues in the last section with the sponsors

Vid 2: a quick 'the rules of roller derby'. Fixing a lot of lighting issues and cleaning up some of the images, adding a soundtrack and sound FX


Vid 3 and 4, mostly leaving as is, with some transition fixes.
ALSO, if you could avoid sharing it, that would be awesome... (i know, the irony right, publicly posted)

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