Technology disaster struck my apartment today! I was sitting outside taking advantage of the nice weather and sitting on my front step playing with my tablet. fell. It was only a couple inches, but it was enough to send several big cracks running through my screen. :-(

I had been considering a new tablet ever since I found out my Nexus 10 probably wouldn’t be updated to Marshmallow. But, it was still running fine (well, it had been laggy, but I did a full factory reset and that seemed to fix it) and I saw no good reason to upgrade. Then...The Tragedy.

So, what new tablet should I get now (or soon, I’ve still got my phone and laptop, so don’t really need a tablet).


1) I’m an Android girl. So, don’t even try to convince me to get an iAnything.

2) Bigger is better! I have a phone, so I don’t need something small. I loved my Nexus 10 so much, I’m considering just getting the 9...but I really wish it were a 10 again, at least.


Does anybody know if Marshmallow is really going to be that much better, because at the moment, a new or refurbished Nexus 10 is really what I’m looking at.