I am a grinch today and will be for the foreseeable future.

My daughter is sick, too. She came in yesterday, and I could tell by how quiet she was that she didn't feel well. Sure enough, she had a fever. She was very upset about missing her class Christmas party today. I was responsible for supplying their drinks so I had to go by anyway. Her teacher sent her a stocking filled with goodies plus a book and a bag of candy.

Even though we are both sick, we had to do the grocery shopping because the kids will be home for two weeks. That means there needs to be lots of food around. LOTS of food. We got home. I got the bags unloaded, went to get the youngest at the wrong damn time, and washed a few loads of laundry. My oldest son gets home from school (they only went half a day today). I just got in from picking up the youngest kid at the RIGHT, and I am done.

I don't even want to finish wrapping gifts. That means I am sick. I am not moving until I feel at least 40 percent better. And the asshole who sandpapered my throat can just die.


Um, actually, I couldn't get up if I wanted to. A fuzzy gray gentleman has taken up residence on my chest.