Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Need to complain-Warning I might sound like a bitch

So I've been spending less time on here and elsewhere in the Kinjaverse. Just a phase, not a flounce.

But I need to complain and Twitter characters are not enough. UGH!

So I'm in recruiting, I set people up for interviews at various companies. I got an email from a woman who went on a interview for me yesterday, and she was SHOCKED she was interviewed by someone who was only 28. She thought it was the most insulting thing in the world, Seriously?


You're nearly 60, people will be younger than you. You need to accept that. Yes I know you have kids older than her, you might be younger than her mother. I've worked with this interviewer before,we set her up with this job originally then she got promoted. That's why she's the one doing in the interviewing.

I sent her an email back, and told her to contact one of my co-workers since I'm only 28 as well, and I wouldn't want to make her uncomfortable.

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