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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Need to Vent

My mom has an 85% chance of having cancer according to the colonoscopy she had done this morning.

This isn't supposed to happen, she's only 44! I'm so terrified and she has had noticeable symptoms that have been off and on for a while so it's probably advanced and the middle stages only have a 50% chance of survival and I can't lose my mom. I just can't. I've never met anyone as close to their mom as I am to mine and just the thought of it is ripping me apart and it could be reality and I can't handle this. I feel like I've been shot.


We won't know for sure until Monday, she rushed to schedule a CAT scan for earlier today so we should have the full picture of what's happening. I'm not strong enough to handle this but I can't let her go through it alone. I'm so damn scared.

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