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I was just in a meeting, and my housemate texted 4 times during it to tell me that she “hoped” I would clear out the boxes and stuff from the living room “soon” because it’s not really usable.

First - everything in the house besides what is in her bedroom and like 3 random appliances she brought is from me. She had no furniture, no dishes, no silverware, no tools - nothing. Everything we have (including the desk in her bedroom) - and that she is using constantly - is from me.

Second - that means I have a hell of a lot more to unpack and organize than she does.


Third - We have been in the house for less than one week. I have only been there for 4 full days. I only got my bed set up 2 days ago.

Fourth - we discussed beforehand that I had more stuff than would likely fit, but because we weren’t able to see the apartment before I packed and moved, we would would likely have more stuff than we needed, and we would just deal with it. I am actively trying to sell 4 chairs to make room. Someone was supposed to come last night to buy the two large armchairs, but had to reschedule. I am actively working on this. Also, I had more than a few suitcases to unpack - so it will take me more time. Also, it is a shared NYC apartment - and I moved from a large apartment with 3 closets that I shared with no one. It is a little challenging to figure out where things go.

Fifth - every day I have been unpacking and moving and organizing. I didn’t yesterday because I was falling way behind on my postdoc tasks - and I am just freaking tired. Every muscle is sore - I’m worn out.

Sixth - our super is still doing work in the apartment - so some things can’t be unpacked or organized yet.


Seventh - And again - pretty much everything in the house is mine. She is benefiting from that greatly. And that furniture she apparently wants to use - it is MINE. I am happy to share everything with her - but it seems a bit rude to complain that my stuff is in the way of her using my stuff.

I will talk with her directly - I just need to vent because I am at work, and I need to focus on work, so I need to catalyze this a bit. Thank you for listening. Now, please tell me what is chapping your hide!

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